Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions:

Do we have to walk far?

No! Many times, the places we visit are right across the street or around the corner from each other. The farthest we’ve had to walk is 5 to 10 minutes along the same street.

Is the tour crowded?

No! Our maximum is 10 people, allowing for a more intimate, personalized event.

Will I be out late?

No! Our evening tours usually run from 7:15 to 9:30pm.

Are the tours accessible?

We will let you know in our description of the tour if there are stairs to climb, etc.. Please keep in mind that many businesses have downstairs washroom facilities. If you have further questions about a specific tour, please email us at for details.

What if none of the upcoming tours suit my interest?

Keep tuned, because new tours are booked all the time. But, if you prefer to have a tour just for you, Pop-Up Tours will curate tours for groups of 8 to 10 people. You get a bit of a discount, and it’s a great idea for a birthday or office party, or just for a group of friends looking for a different night out.